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Antilooppi continues as a main partner of Helsinki Design Week: Hakaniemi to be at centre of event

An Antilooppi property, a former bank at Paasivuorenkatu 3, Hakaniemi, Helsinki, has been selected as the main stage of the largest design and architecture festival in the Nordic countries.

Helsinki Design Week and real-estate owner Antilooppi are to continue their collaboration: once again, Antilooppi will be a main partner for the Week. The theme of this September’s event is Underneath, taking visitors deep into the design process and the development phase. The venue for the main event during Helsinki Design Week is at Paasivuorenkatu 3 in the Hakaniemi area, a property owned by Antilooppi.

“We see strong potential in Hakaniemi, an area undergoing exciting changes, as people are already interested in the district. In future, people will want to continue coming to work in an urban environment, and meeting other people will be a significant part of the world of work. More and more companies are establishing themselves in Hakaniemi, with its good services and transport links. Paasivuorenkatu 3 gives Helsinki Design Week a unique setting in the centre of a new and improved Hakaniemi,” says Tuomas Sahi, CEO of Antilooppi.

“Antilooppi strives to be a significant and influential player in the areas we have a presence in. Working over the long term is part of our strategy, and we have made strong commitments to improving Hakaniemi,” Sahi continues.

Anniina Korteniemi, Marketing and Communications Manager at Antilooppi, says last year’s partnership with Helsinki Design Week was successful. She is excited about this autumn.

“Our values are aligned with Helsinki Design Week’s. We want to be a company that enables interpersonal contact. That desire strongly guides how we develop our properties’ and premises’ development here at Antilooppi. As main partners of the Week, we’re delighted to welcome festival guests. Come and explore the broad range of services in Hakaniemi and this historic bank building for yourselves, and experience a rich culture of design and urbanism. It’s fantastic to be involved in bringing people in the city together once again,” Korteniemi says.

Helsinki Design Week, held since 2005, runs from 5 to 16 September 2024. The festival programme is aimed at both creative sector professionals and the general public.



Further information:

Tuomas Sahi
Chief Executive Officer, Antilooppi
+358 40 090 7877

Anniina Korteniemi
Marketing and Communications Manager, Antilooppi
+358 40 656 5373

Interview requests, further information about HDW:
Anni Korkman
Programme Director
+358 40 846 5576


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