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Always Ready – All ready for you

At its best, coming to the office is a luxury of everyday life. Always Ready opens the door to ready-to-move-into, high-quality and sustainable spaces, where you can focus on the important things: each other and a good working life.

Always Ready is a new category in the premises market.

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Always Ready office

Looking for a new office is often troublesome and time-consuming, not to mention the work involved in moving and seeing it through. Fortunately, there is an alternative for you and your work community that is ready to move into.

We at Antilooppi have invested in and designed Always Ready offices in advance for you, in order to create the best and most sustainable work environments. You can see and experience the space immediately, with all of your colleagues.  You can even get the keys today.

We are always ready for you.

No unnecessary renovations – instead, a long lifecycle and sustainable materials

All space alterations and renovations have environment and climate impacts and increase the carbon footprint. This is the challenge Antilooppi’s Always Ready space concept seeks to meet. Choosing an Always Ready office is a way to avoid these issues. A space that is not renovated is the most sustainable. We do not carry out unnecessary renovations and we care about the office’s carbon footprint – it becomes our responsibility as well. We believe that high-quality, comfortable and ready-to-move-into premises can support the brand, values and sustainability goals of many companies.

You are welcome to come and learn more about our properties below.

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Five reasons to choose an Always Ready office

  1.  Always Ready offices lead the way in sustainable and high-quality choices. The spaces are designed and renovated using high-quality, sustainable and responsible materials, minimising the carbon footprint.
  2.  Always Ready spaces are ready to move into, and you can get the keys even the next day.
  3.  Antilooppi’s operations are guided by sustainability. When you get an Always Ready office that has already been renovated to be sustainable, the carbon footprint remains as small as possible.
  4.  Employees’ wellbeing. At its best, coming to an Always Ready office is a luxury of everyday life for employees. The ready, well-built and comfortable office lets you focus on what is important.
  5.  The Always Ready offices are located in the best, central places, near public transportation. The pulse of the city around the office brings a good quality of life to the everyday life of employees, as the office is surrounded by numerous services and places to lunch.

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