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Antilooppi’s values are sustainability, forerunner and engaged. Sustainability is one of our strategic focal points and part of the work of all Antilooppi employees. In our sustainability efforts, we focus on carbon neutrality and the wellbeing of people. We enable the success and wellbeing of our customer by owning, developing and managing work environments in excellent locations with a long-term, sustainable approach. We are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and carbon-neutral construction and energy consumption in line with the global Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment by 2030.

Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability reporting

2023 Sustainability Report: Real steps towards carbon neutrality

The report contains the highlights of a successful year, in particular actions taken towards carbon neutrality, 100% certification of our portfolio, completely carbon-neutral flexispace network and seven new solar power plants. The Sustainability Report also explains the management, employee responsibility, stakeholder cooperation, key figures and goals of sustainability at Antilooppi.

These actions reduced the company’s greenhouse gas emissions that were 62% lower than in the comparison year. Antilooppi aims to achieve a completely carbon-neutral real-estate portfolio by 2030, both in terms of energy consumption and construction, in line with its Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment.

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Our sustainability commitment

In addition to the company’s strategy and Code of Conduct, our sustainability is based on ambitious international sustainability commitments. We are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and carbon-neutral energy consumption in line with the global Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment by 2030. We are systematically proceeding towards a carbon-neutral real estate portfolio. In 2021, we were among the first operators of the industry in signing a commitment on the carbon neutrality of construction by 2030. We reached the targets of the Finnish voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement for property sector four years ahead of schedule in the contracting period 2017–2025.

In terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we selected the six goals that are most meaningful for our operations and that we can most impact through our activities:

  1. Good health and wellbeing
  2. Decent work and economic growth
  3. Sustainable cities and communities
  4. Responsible consumption and production
  5. Climate action
  6. Partnership for the goals

Sustainability offers support in the shift of working life

“The way we think about responsibility can be seen in our flexible office concept POOL, which offers flexible working and meeting spaces to meet the demands posed by changes in working life. POOL promises a perfect fit, suitable premises for its customers at all times, so the premises can be rented freely in the right location for the right period of time. By offering the most appropriate premises for each specific need, we help people and companies succeed,” says Tuomas Sahi, CEO of Antilooppi.

POOL space concept becomes first carbon-neutral workspace network in Finland

The Siltasaari POOL opened its doors in the historic, fully renovated Siltasaari 10, which has been granted the LEED Platinum environmental certificate with the highest score achieved in Finland.