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POOL – Flex-space service

POOL is a flex-space service providing you with high-quality small offices and additional spaces.
Within POOL’s eleven locations you will find workspaces that are always perfectly in-sync with the changing
needs of your business and  people.
At POOL, you’ll find everything you need: offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, event spaces, and more.
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Space network for flexible working life

Your team does not need to move, even if working life changes. POOL is a flexible space solution which opens the doors to an always suitable work space.

With us, you will always find small offices and workshop, meeting and event spaces to suit the needs of your company. You can choose a furnished space for short-term use, or furnish it yourself to suit your company.

All POOL offices are at central locations, and immediately ready for your use for as long as you need them – you will always find a suitable space from our nine different locations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

POOL space concept becomes first carbon-neutral workspace network in Finland

As Finland’s first carbon-neutral workspace concept, POOL responds to customers’ growing expectations of more sustainable space solutions.

The carbon-neutral POOL solution welcomes visitors to sustainable spaces which mitigate climate impact down to the smallest detail. The energy consumed in POOL spaces has zero carbon footprint: they use exclusively renewable electricity, partly from Antilooppi’s own solar power stations, and the rest from 100% Finnish wind power. Heating and cooling at all POOL properties are also powered by renewables.

Construction and materials are not yet completely emission-free. POOL spaces are designed to be as functional and durable as possible. In these progressive workspaces, the emphasis is on high-quality and low-carbon interior design choices. The spaces are carbon neutral from energy use to the construction of the interiors and the products and services used on the premises. When it comes to emissions that cannot be reduced, Antilooppi plays its part, offsetting the emissions caused by running POOL spaces in cooperation with the carbon sequestering company. Antilooppi aims to reduce the amount of such offset emissions annually, too

The emissions caused by alterations made to POOL spaces have been offset since the start of 2022, and the emissions generated by use of the spaces have been offset since the start of 2023. From here on in, we will report annually on the emissions caused by running pool and the associated offsets.

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Available POOL spaces

What is a POOL solution and is it suitable for us?

A POOL solution is suitable for everyone keeping up with change. Although work is no longer tied to place or time, the significance of community and meeting others only continues to grow. POOL solutions offer a large selection of different kinds of work spaces, from which you can always choose the one that suits your needs, or settle down in a space for a longer period of time.

You are welcome to come and learn more about the POOL concept and POOL Meet, POOL Work and POOL Business Lounge spaces. POOL offices can be found at the following properties in Helsinki: POOL Kiila, Ruoholahdenkatu 21; POOL Elimäenkatu 5; POOL Valli, Elimäenkatu 17-19; POOL Paasitalo, Siltasaarenkatu 12; POOL Siltasaari 10 and POOL Käenkuja 3, POOL Tallberginkatu 2; POOL Merikortteli and Stella Business Park’s POOL in Leppävaara.

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Tell us more about the needs of your team and company, and we’ll customize a POOL solution that suits you.
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Tell us more about the needs of your team and company, and we’ll customize a POOL solution that suits you.