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Amer Sports moves into Antilooppi’s Siltasaari 10

Amer Sports has had a new address since May: the historic Antilooppi property of Siltasaari 10. The building’s location and exceptionally high sustainability level, as demonstrated by LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certificates, attracted the company to the “pearl of Hakaniemi”.

Amer Sports has found a new home for its head office in the Antilooppi property of Siltasaari 10.

Amer Sports, known for its iconic sports and outdoor brands, has leased new premises from real-estate owner Antilooppi. The global group of sports and outdoor brands had been based in the Konepaja block of Vallila, Helsinki, but wanted to find premises that better met its needs in a good location. It was not just the high-specification facilities which attracted the company to Siltasaari 10, which was completely renovated in 2021, in Hakaniemi. The building’s exceptionally high sustainability level played a role too.

“Our goal is always to find the best spatial solutions for our clients. Siltasaari 10 is a quality location that meets the most exacting sustainability requirements. We’re delighted that the values of Amer Sports and Antilooppi align, and that the property supports sustainable development goals. We’re proud to be able to welcome Amer Sports’ staff and their guests to the building,” says Pia Teräs, Asset Manager at Antilooppi.

“Amer Sports was looking for a new office with good services and transport links somewhere close to Helsinki city centre. Siltasaari 10 offers both those things. What’s more, the building’s environmental criteria match our values and requirements well, because sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In a new location, we were looking for energy efficiency and scalable spaces,” says Miika Temisevä, Vice President of HR, Group Functions & Strategic Programs at Amer Sports.

Siltasaari 10 received well-deserved recognition in 2022, when it was awarded a Platinum-level LEED v4 environmental certificate with the highest score in Finland. In 2023, the building earned a WELL Gold certificate, which is comparatively rare in Finland, as testimony to the positive impacts of the building on its users’ wellness.

At Siltasaari 10, sustainability is visible in tangible ways. They include energy efficiency, low-carbon solutions, clean indoor air. Sustainability here also means convenient services, such as parking for 400 bikes and excellent shower and changing facilities. The building is next to tram stops and Hakaniemi metro station, providing excellent links to the city centre and the rest of the Helsinki region.

“We were impressed by the general level of quality and services in the building. We also valued how flexible the spaces are and the shared facilities, such as the bike park, conference rooms and event spaces,” Temisevä says.

Amer Sports moved into Siltasaari 10 in May. Its new offices, extending to around 1,500 m2, are designed to meet the company’s needs and make use of modern multipurpose and open-plan office solutions. A counterweight to the efficient office spaces are the lounge-style break rooms, where employees can relax and socialize.


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