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Flow x Antilooppi: Antilooppi becomes official Flow Festival partner

This summer, Antilooppi and Flow Festival are continuing the successful partnership they began last year.


Gold Area by POOL in 2022

The Flow Festival has been held since 2004. It is yet again bringing friends of good music and art together in Suvilahti, Helsinki between 11 and 13 August 2023. Like last summer, Antilooppi is an official partner of Flow Festival, helping to create unforgettable festival experiences.

The partnership between Antilooppi and Flow is strongly based on a shared set of values. Both players are known as beacons in their own fields, and particularly in sustainability. Flow is one of the world’s first carbon-neutral festivals and aims for minimal impact on its surroundings and the environment. Carbon neutrality is also at the core of Antilooppi’s sustainability efforts. The company aims for a completely carbon-neutral real-estate portfolio by 2030. Antilooppi recently took a significant step towards that goal. It launched the popular POOL Flexible Office network as a completely carbon-neutral concept. This was a first in Finland. This unique solution offers adaptable work and meetings spaces in nine buildings in the Helsinki region.

Antilooppi and Flow share many other goals and values. These include being a pioneer, focusing on customers, and making cities more vibrant. Antilooppi enables creative and functional spatial solutions. It delivers workspaces that support human and ecological wellbeing. Antilooppi does not just develop its properties. It also actively improves the adjacent areas, making them more pleasant and social. Partnering with Flow Festival means Antilooppi is creating even more meaningful encounters in cities.

Last year, Antilooppi placed its stunning POOL Business Lounge in the Flow Festival Gold Area. This provided a unique setting for guests to relax, revive and rendezvous. The exact contents of the partnership in 2023 are yet to be confirmed. It will involve interesting events and a range of content collaboration.

“We’re excited to work with Antilooppi, and we think the partnership will be significant and generate added value for both of us. POOL by Antilooppi is a modern concept and a brand with the same values as Flow Festival. For both partners, the customer’s experience is crucial, alongside sustainability, of course. It’s amazing to be able to continue the diverse partnership we began in 2022!” Vilja Grotenfelt, Head of Sales and Marketing, Flow Festival comments on the partnership.

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