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Gold Area by POOL: Antilooppi to partner up with Flow Festival

Antilooppi brings its POOL Business Lounge to the unique Gold Area at Flow Festival.

Flow Festival, the highlight of the summer festival season, will once again offer a rich selection of music, art and experiences after a few years’ break. This year, Antilooppi has the pleasure of acting as a partner of Flow Festival, which will take place in Suvilahti, Helsinki, from 12 to 14 August 2022.

Antilooppi’s POOL Business Lounge will be built in Flow’s Gold Area. The area is reserved for guests and Gold Area ticket holders and guarantees a fantastic festival experience in a high-class setting. POOL Business Lounge offers the opportunity to meet people, talk, have fun and refresh oneself during the festival.

“Meaningful interactions and diverse working life are the central theme of our POOL concept. Through our partnership, we want to challenge people to boldly break the pattern of everyday life and be open to new experiences, both at work and in their free time,” says Johanna Sarekoski, who is responsible for Antilooppi’s POOL concept.

Antilooppi and Flow Festival also share many other common values, such as sustainability and a love for urban culture and its invigoration. Just like Flow, Antilooppi is known as a pioneer in sustainability that strongly invests in carbon neutrality, recycling and sustainable choices. The goal is to develop work environments that support the wellbeing of people and the environment and enrich the whole urban area.

These values can be seen in POOL, which offers flexible and sustainably produced work and meeting spaces for location-independent work in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The flexible POOL properties adapt to our working life and give their users the freedom to choose ways and places to work that are most suitable for each day, while at the same time bringing people together.

So, come and throw yourself into new experiences and encounters with Flow Festival and POOL, whether it’s a matter of music, art, work or something else!

For further information, please contact

Johanna Sarekoski, Associate Director, Business Development, Flex Offices
tel. +358 40 710 8671


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