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Antilooppi’s property at Siltasaarenkatu 12 has now its own solar power station

The new solar power station in the traditional Paasitalo in Hakaniemi produces clean and renewable solar power for the property’s needs. The station began operating on 16 December 2022.

The construction of a new solar power station at the property at Siltasaarenkatu 12 was completed in December. The rooftop station will from now on produce responsible and completely emission-free solar power for the needs of Paasitalo.

Climate-friendly solar power is a renewable energy source with a low environmental impact that helps reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the property and the amount of electricity it needs to buy. Solar power is an excellent support tool for Antilooppi to reach the goals stated in their sustainability strategy, in which the company is committed to switching to only using carbon-neutral energy and having a carbon-neutral real estate portfolio by 2030.

“Our carbon neutrality path guides us towards our climate goals through concrete sustainability actions. Promoting our own renewable energy production is an important part of this work. The solar power station in Paasitalo is a great achievement for us and yet another step towards reaching these goals,” says Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability at Antilooppi.

The solar power station at Siltasaari 12 has a total of 99 solar panels and a total power output of 36.63kWp. The station will produce approximately 32MWh of energy for the property’s needs during the first year. Energy yields will peak during the summer season. The amount of produced energy is equal to the amount of annual energy consumption of approximately 20 one-room flats or to driving 125,000 kilometres with an electric car. The solar power station is produced by the electricity company Helen Ltd.

The new station is a part of the first phase of the solar power project at Antilooppi, in which four properties received their own rooftop solar power stations during 2022. The company has been making other long-term efforts in trying to switch to renewable energy as well: for example, Paasitalo and all the other properties of the company use 100% renewable electricity, and the company is constantly working towards increasing the share of renewable heat. Other ways of utilising renewable energy in the properties are actively explored as well.

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