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Antilooppi to step up energy-saving measures as part of the national energy-saving campaign


The real estate owner Antilooppi will take part in the energy-saving campaign with an extensive energy-saving programme starting in September.

Finland is planning a national energy-saving campaign to prepare for the energy crisis. The real estate business plays a significant part in this, as buildings use about 40% of all the energy consumed in Finland. As a pioneer in sustainability in the real estate sector, Antilooppi wants to lead the way for other businesses by taking additional measures to reduce energy consumption in the coming autumn and winter season. The proactive energy-saving measures are directed towards the electricity use and heating of the company’s properties.

“As a significant real estate owner, we recognise our responsibility and want to do our part in this society-wide campaign. We have already been engaged in long-term work to improve the energy use and energy efficiency of our properties. These additional measures that we are now implementing will allow us to prepare even better for the possible energy shortage in the coming autumn and save even more energy in our properties,” says Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management at Antilooppi.

“Our objective is to further develop the sustainability of our operations and solutions, while creating an even better customer experience at the same time. We know that customers also expect real estate owners to take concrete action in the current situation,” says Esa Mattila, Head of Asset Management at Antilooppi.

Antilooppi is preparing to lower the target temperatures in its buildings in connection with the energy-saving measures starting in September. The electricity consumption relating to lighting will be reduced by, for example, turning off light signs during the night, by shortening the time automatic lights stay on in offices, and by reducing the use of any unnecessary outdoor lighting. The time periods when the properties’ saunas are available for use will also be reviewed. If necessary, other measures relating to building technology will also be undertaken at Antilooppi properties in order to reduce the amount of energy used.

“Notwithstanding these changes, we will make sure we maintain the indoor air quality as well as the safety of our properties concerning, for example, sufficient lighting during the winter season. In addition, we are working on a preparedness plan in case of power shortages. We will never compromise on the safety or healthiness of our buildings,” says Koivula.

These measures are a natural continuation of the already extensive sustainability efforts undertaken by Antilooppi. The company’s work to promote sustainability is reflected in all of its activities. They also support Antilooppi’s climate targets, which include achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Saving energy at properties can also help in managing the maintenance costs of the buildings as energy prices continue to rise.

“Our energy-saving programme for this autumn will help us achieve even more reductions in energy use, which in turn will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of our properties. We feel that as a major real estate owner, we play an important part in this situation and we have the responsibility to act for the common good,” says Koivula.


Further information:

Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management
tel. +358 40 581 9921





Esa Mattila, Head of Asset Management
tel. +358 50 337 3263




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