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Antilooppi is preparing for possible power outages this winter

Antilooppi recommends that its customers prepare for possible power outages this winter in advance. Antilooppi’s recommendation is based on an early warning of short, rotating and planned outages in electricity distribution by the transmission system operator Fingrid, the purpose of which is to prevent the Finnish electricity system from crashing during the coming winter season. The implementation of power outages depends entirely on whether the production and import of electricity is sufficient to cover the consumption of electricity in Finland. 

Antilooppi will inform its customers about possible power outages as soon as it receives the information from the electricity distribution company. Power outages can also occur unannounced or at a very short notice. 

However, according to Fingrid, rotating power outages are the last resort to be taken to prevent a shortage of electricity. The outages would be implemented across the country, with an estimated duration of 1–2 hours. We have no control over these outages.  Hissiovet toimistorakenuksessa

As part of the preparedness measured in the real estate sector, Antilooppi will reduce its own electrical loads if electricity threatens to run short. If, according to Fingrid, the probability of a shortage is high, ventilation in Antilooppi properties will be reduced by about half. In the event of an electrical shortage, the ventilation can be switched off completely for a few hours. 

At the moment, Antilooppi is making preparations to ensure a reasonable level of service at all properties and that the safety of buildings is not compromised by possible power outages. In the event of a power outage, the emergency lighting battery system will only work for the time necessary for safe evacuation, and the escape routes and signs might not be illuminated after this.  

In the event of a power outage, public spaces, such as shopping centres, will be closed and evacuated. Cars should be driven out of the parking spaces before the power outage, if there are automatic doors on the access lanes and you want to drive during the outage. Lifts do not work, lighting turns off, ventilation goes out, heating goes out, power is not supplied from sockets, communication networks go out, the Internet does not work, access control and automatic doors do not work, refrigerating equipment goes out and the cooling of premises stops. 

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