Antilooppi reinforced by four energetic experts


Antiloopin nimityksiä

First from the left in the picture is Kirsi Zeddini, who started as Leasing Manager in April. Previously Kirsi worked with CBRE. She has solid experience in subletting and an excellent service attitude. Kirsi always strives to find the best possible solution for the customer.

Next in the picture is Property Development Manager Hannu Hirvensalo, who joined Antilooppi in early May. Hannu came to Antilooppi from Sponda, where he took part in various property development projects. Together with the Antilooppi team, Hannu wants to participate in transforming the old practices of the industry. Hannu is fascinated by the ongoing change in the way of working, where he sees a vast array of possibilities.

Second from the right in the picture is Heidi Kerosuo, the newest member of the team, who started as Property Development Manager. Her background is strongly in planning and carrying out property development projects. During many years at SRV, Heidi has gained experience from the constructor’s point of view. She has plenty of experience in planning management and land use planning.

On the right is Antilooppi’s new Asset Manager Laura Kemppinen. Laura comes from Genesta, and she has several years of experience in property and account management. Laura has especially worked with challenging property development targets. The development project of Hakaniemi properties needs someone bold who can get things done – just like Laura.

“It’s great to have these four experienced, fearless, and visionary people come along with Antilooppi. Together with our entire committed organization we believe to be able to develop Antilooppi's properties to match future needs and create new opportunities for our customers to carry out their own core business even better”, Esa Mattila, Head of Asset Management, comments.

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Esa Mattila, tel. +358 50 337 3263