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Scott Caris / I AM D.I.Y. pop-up show at Siltasaari 10

American artist Scott Caris will set up a POP-UP exhibition at Siltasaarenkatu 10 from February 2 to February 15, 2023.

About the Artist

Scott Caris (b.1966) is an American painter, illustrator and graphic artist. Over the past three decades, Scott has continued to refine his unique style of figurative image making. From his most recent Pandemic Reaction Collection of retro style, dark humor pen and ink illustrations to his deliciously merciless portraits of Donald Trump and other public figures, Scott’s “Graphic Pop” style is unmistakable. He brings an independent attitude and D.I.Y. spirit of his work, encompassing a wide range of subtle – and not so subtle – popular and personal culture references. He might be best understood as an indie outliner – one who fiercely follows his own quirky insights and personal intuitions and is considered by some to be a sly master of our era’s central zeitgeist.

Although Scott doesn’t consider himself to be a traditional street artist, over the past several years he has taken to the streets to display his work and has become a bit of a known quantity within the street art scene back in Copenhagen where he lived for the past decades. His output is a prodigious as is diverse and his latest series of large-scale paste-ups on canvas have been an exciting new development for how his art can be displayed and brought into the home.


Instagram: #theworkofscott



When? 2-15.2.2023 from Monday to Tuesday 12:00 – 18:00 or by appointment

Where? Siltasaarenkatu 10 (Visiting address Paasivuorenkatu 2)


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