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Pitäjänmäki is in again: Valimo 21 provides modern and casual premises with its organic coffee roastery, restaurants and exercise opportunities

Pitäjänmäki, or “Pitsku”, houses small and large companies that have already noted he up-and-coming area. Largely contributing to making Pitäjänmäki in again, is the Valimo 21 property with its renewed concept: it offers a casual premises environment with its organic coffee roastery, restaurants and exercise opportunities.

“Nowadays, a working environment is mostly a place for different encounters, team meetings and customer conferences, whereas the actual desktop work can be done almost anywhere,” says Hannu Hirvensalo, Business Development Manager at Antilooppi.

When creating the concept of the Valimo 21 property in Pitäjänmäki, it was important to offer customers premises meeting modern requirements with high-quality services in genuine surroundings. One of the fundamentals of Real estate investment company Antilooppi is understanding that the premises and their location cannot alone create the success of a customer company operating in the premises. A requirement for success is that the employees of the company feel well and healthy, are motivated and enjoy being at the workplace.

“For instance, our customers pay for general meetings rooms only according to the time they spend there. This is often cheaper for them than letting their own conference rooms stand empty for several hours a day in their own premises that are leased for a fixed rent. With modern premises, customer companies can use the services of the building only when they need them.”

Valimo 21 has evoked great interest, and the premises have found their tenants well right after the completion of the property’s renovation project that lasted for 18 months. Antilooppi has attracted significant tenants to the property, and the premises environment of Valimo 21 has adapted well to their needs. The attractiveness of Valimo 21 is proved by different leaders of their industries renting their premises from the property. The tenants include, for instance, a Scandinavian taxi company, a large ICT service company, Lappset manufacturing playground equipment and Staples that specialises in office supplies. There are still few premises of 300 up to 1 000 square metres available in Valimo 21.

In January, Valimo 21’s restaurant Valaja opened, and its offering has been planned to be high quality and unique compared to the other players in the area. The offering doesn’t fit a ready-made template: there will surely be something to satisfy everyone’s hunger. In addition to a traditional hot lunch, the restaurant’s selection includes Japanese ramen noodle soup, Hawaiian poke bowls and rich salads.

“Food and drink play an important role in Finnish working life. It should be possible to enjoy high-quality meals and drinks in the working environment also outside lunchtime,” says Hirvensalo.

In addition, Valimo 21 houses the organic Warrior Coffee Roastery & Café as well as the roastery’s production facilities that set the atmosphere for the large joint atrium yard.

Valimo 21 is the perfect setting for organising customer events. The atrium is suited for different kinds of events as is the renovated auditorium with its state-of-the-art AV technology that enables recording podcasts during presentations, among other things.

“In Valimo, we had the pleasure of partnering up with Tomi Kokko. His Lean in Five Weeks Challenge concept offers a comprehensive sports and well-being service that our customers can make use of, if they so wish,” says Hirvensalo.

In connection with the concept renewal, it was decided that Valimo 21 will not have its own gym. The reason behind this was the possible lack of users as many people are already committed to the gyms of health club chains, and there are many of those in the area.

Valimo 21 is easy to reach. As the name suggests, it is located at Valimotie 21 along excellent traffic connections. The walk to the Valimo train station takes five minutes, and the closest bus stop is just outside the building. If you drive your own car, you can access the location straight from Vihdintie. Ring Road I is only a few kilometres away, the distance to downtown Helsinki is less than 10 kilometres and to Helsinki Airport a little over 15 kilometres.

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