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Antilooppi’s Siltasaari 10 property achieves advanced WELL Gold certificate

The Siltasaari 10 property in Hakaniemi, Helsinki is a historic building. It represents the cutting edge in wellbeing. WELL Gold certification demonstrates verifiably that the property offers its users a working environment that advances their wellbeing. Siltasaari 10 had already earned respected LEED environmental certification at the highest level, Platinum.

Antilooppi’s Siltasaari 10 property has been certified according to WELL v2 Core, an internationally recognized standard of building wellbeing. WELL certification measures the impact of premises on their users’ health and wellbeing. To date, just eight properties in Finland have earned this certification. Siltasaari 10, which scored at the Gold level, is Antilooppi’s first property to earn WELL certification.

“I’m extremely proud of our achieving the WELL Gold certificate we were aiming for. The comfort of our premises and our customers’ wellbeing are a priority for us. This certificate is an excellent confirmation that the facilities at Siltasaari 10 are both first-class and optimal for wellbeing,” the property’s Asset Manager, Tuomas Hulkkonen, says.

Antilooppi CEO Tuomas Sahi also stresses the significance of wellbeing for employee comfort and, simultaneously, as a factor that boosts companies’ success.

“In today’s job market, wellbeing is a basic human requirement. It is also an important element of the Antilooppi strategy. We use it to implement our vision of supporting people’s and companies’ success. As a responsible real-estate investor, we want to provide high-quality workspaces that promote wellbeing and attract workers to the office. The WELL certificate for Siltasaari 10 proves that we have succeeded in taking a significant step in promoting wellbeing in our real-estate portfolio,” Sahi says.

WELL certifies that property conditions support wellbeing

The Siltasaari 10 property in Hakaniemi, Helsinki is a historic building. It represents the cutting edge in wellbeing.

WELL v2 evaluates the property using ten concepts. They include air, water, light, thermal comfort, materials and sound. The requirements also extend to healthy nourishment, physical activity, community, and spatial solutions and measures that support wellbeing.

Siltasaari 10 was fully refurbished in 2021 with full consideration for wellbeing throughout, from design to construction. The building uses low-emission materials. The property’s technical features, such as heating, lighting and indoor air, have been tuned to the highest standards. Automatic lighting control minimizes waste lighting. Economical water fixtures help reduce water consumption. An AI-based energy management system which automatically optimizes the performance of the heat, plumbing and ventilation systems’ performance supports the building technology. Antilooppi has also placed a particular emphasis on acoustics and sounds.

“The certification process guided us to make our building’s conditions even more functional. We see this, for example, in the comfort of the common areas and in working conditions, such as ergonomics. The best feedback is of course our satisfied clients, who highly appreciate the quality facilities and extensive services on offer at Siltasaari 10,” Hulkkonen says.

Physical wellbeing is also crucial at the property. The central location by the water in Hakaniemi encourages the use of green modes of transport. The building boasts a progressive 400-space bike park, equipped with e-bike charging stations. Shared bikes, high-quality common areas and encouragement to prefer stairs over lifts all support physical activity. This property is all about community. It offers a wealth of break rooms, restaurants, services and Antilooppi’s sustainable and flexible POOL spaces which support wellbeing.

Wellbeing creates sustainable success

Facilities at Siltasaari 10 are both first-class and optimal for wellbeing.

In addition to wellbeing, Siltasaari 10 has also been certified for sustainability. In 2021, the property achieved a LEED v4 Platinum certificate, scoring the highest points in Finland.

These achievements reflect Antilooppi’s strong commitment to the environment and human wellbeing. Sustainability is an essential part of the Antilooppi strategy, one the company is implementing through two focal points: carbon neutrality and human wellbeing. In addition to environmental sustainability, the company intends to invest in promoting wellbeing even more purposefully. This also responds to client companies’ needs. As the way people work changes, wellbeing has become an important criterion in choosing office space.

“For us, the positive contribution our properties and spatial solutions make to holistic human wellbeing is of utmost importance. The WELL Gold certificate is simply an amazing achievement and a tangible demonstration that Siltasaari 10 offers facilities that support all areas of wellbeing for work and socializing. At the same time, it drives us to develop our properties even more sustainably,” Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management, says.

“Siltasaari 10 is a wonderful and significant property. Its refurbishment project showed real leadership. The goal of the certification process was to identify how the spaces could be improved further. Gold certification means that the property now offers verifiably healthy conditions for its users,” specialist Susanna Sirkiä of Raksystems Oy, Antilooppi’s WELL certification consultant, says.


Further information:

Tuomas Hulkkonen, Asset Manager
tel. +358 40 651 6347

Hannamari Koivula, Head of Sustainability and Property Management
tel. +358 40 581 9921

Tuomas Sahi, Chief Executive Officer
tel. +358 40 090 7877

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